ocations can be combined to form a group. A location can be part of multiple groups at the same time.

Creating a group

You can create a new group by going to the left-hand side panel and clicking on groups.

Ordering a group

The order of locations in groups can be modified. In this way you can use it as a list to for example manual measurements. You can optimize your route by clicking on the magic wand. This will minimize the distance between the locations according to the travelling salesman algorithm – supercool!

Last measurement dates

The overview of locations also shows the last measurement date. Based on the group configuration the last measurement date will be either green or yellow. The progress bar at the top shows how far all measurements have been completed for this group. If you adjust the time range it will remember this.

Sign up to issues

At group level it is possible to receive notifications of any issue that is generated in the group. See the alerts section for an explanation on this.
Last modified 4mo ago