Getting started


The Withthegrid asset monitoring application has two types of environments:

  • Monitoring environments: Where the end users obtains an overview of all the issues and actions related to its assets:

  • Connectivity environment: Where device partners or end users configure their devices or data streams and assign them to one or multiple monitoring environments. The connectivity environment is explained under the section connectivity.

To get started go to: and login with your credentials. If you did not receive any credentials via e-mail you can sign up here for a 14 day free trial or ask your administrator.

Monitoring environment

The Withthegrid asset monitoring application is all about monitoring your assets by recording your measurement data to the right assets and then detecting anomalies to generate insights and issues so that you can take the right actions. The application consists of the following components:

  • Locations: Point locations on which measurements can be carried out. These locations can be added on the map manually or synched with your GIS or other IT system.

  • Devices: A device is a data stream which generates measurement data on a location. It can be an IoT device or a webhook from a gateway or an existing database.

  • Groups: Locations can be combined to form a group. A location can be part of more than one group.

  • Condition reports: These condition reports contain the measurement data generated from devices. It can also contain form field data such as remarks, drop down menu’s, photos, attachments etc.

  • Issues & thresholds: When a data stream is received and the Withthegrid application identifies an anomaly an issue is generated. Issues can be opened, closed and commented on.

  • Graphs: Measurement data is shown on graphs which can be configured by the device supplier or end user.

  • Map: All locations are shown on the map. The map can also show pipelines, electricity cables or any other line. The user can add different map layers.

  • Manual measurements: Measurements can also be added manually directly into the application from the field.

The default view is shown in the screenshot below:

Connectivity environment

Go to the connectivity environment page to learn more