Form fields

Form fields are required when designing new report types but can also be used for any non-measurement related data fields. These can be added to: locations, lines, nodes (not used in the UI), location-ports, groups. Form fields can consist of any of the following elements:
  • Text (1 line)
  • Text (multiple lines)
  • Select one from a list (select)
  • Select one from a list (radio)
  • Select one or more from a list (switch)
  • Select one or more from a list (checkbox)
  • File
  • Files
  • The key is the unique name given to this form field.
  • The name is the name that is shown in the application
Depending on the choice of form field type, additional options are available:
  • A form field value can be set to optional
  • Form field can be shown only when a certain condition is satisfied
  • Regular expression can enforce a structure of string input
  • Prefix is displayed on the left of the input box
  • Suffix is displayed on the right of the input box
  • Hint is the text displayed below the input box where you can enter text

How-to videos

The following video demonstrates how form fields are used to create new properties in the monitoring environment.