Product updates
This page contains an overview of the product feature updates

Update 2021 September 15

Hide empty fields under 'properties'

To prevent a long list of empty fields under properties' only those fields that contain information will be shown. If you want to add information to the empty fields, click on the pencil, add information, and from that moment on that field is also visible.

Show locations connected to a line

Upon selecting a line (pipe), on the left of the screen the connected locations will be shown.

Update 2021 September 6

Changes in the menu

The menu button in the top left corner is replaced by a taskbar that is always visible on the left of the screen. To extend the taskbar and see the text next to the icons, click on the arrow. Changing password and language can now be found at the bottom of the menu bar, where your name or initials are visible. In addition all menu options are now full-screen upon selection, in stead of pop-up. This causes some buttons to shift (for example under settings the subtasks are now in tabs).

Analytics feature (bèta)

An analytics feature has been added, allowing dashboards to be designed according to personal wishes. You can create insight into (almost) any desired data cross-section through widgets. For example, a bar graph with the number of pipes per status (ok, serious, critical) or an overview groups with the most issues. The video below is an example. A lot is possible, but it may take some practice to get it right.

Ports searchable

Ports, often containing measuring points, have been made searchable.

Subscribe to all issues

It's now possible to subscribe to all issues in an environment. With every new issue, of only with issues of a certain priority, you will receive an email. Go to issues and click 'subscribe'.
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